Do I get to pick out the colors and decor?

Part of the beauty (literally) of a Ali Micro Wedding is that each one has a thoughtful, distinct design that you don’t have to come up with. A Pinterest mood board for each Ali Events Micro Wedding can be found HERE. Every Ali Events Micro Wedding is one-of-a-kind, just like our couples.

Can we have a wedding party?

To keep your ceremony short and sweet we have found it is best to limit the participants. You may have up to two Honor Attendants (i.e. Maid of Honor and Best Man). Typically they would be the people to sign your marriage license.

What about my own officiant? My best friend wants to do the ceremony and it would mean a lot to us.

To make sure we stay on schedule, our officiant will perform all ceremonies to ensure everything goes smoothly and is legal. The officiant will schedule a pre-wedding meeting to get to know each couple prior to the wedding day.

When will I receive my photos and video?

No later than four weeks after your Ali Events Micro Wedding. If you ordered additional photos and/or video products they will be delivered later and the timeline varies per product.

How many people can we invite?

Ali Events Micro Wedding are limited to 8 people (plus the couple). Additional guests may be added based on the availability for an extra fee. Guest additions can be done during your reservation. If you want to add more guests post-reservation please email and we will accommodate if we can!

Can I bring in any of my own vendors?

We have done all the legwork for you so you don’t have to! In order to create the Ali Micro Wedding experience, we curate the vendor team.

What is an Ali Events Micro Wedding?

A mini wedding, tiny wedding, micro wedding, pop up wedding, fancy elopement… whatever you want to call it – it is a day that you share with a few other couples – everyone at different times. It’s a short and drama-free ceremony, followed by a full reception that you can enjoy with the closest loved ones, or with just the two of you! You share the resources with the others getting married that day, so that the cost to you is less.

How much does an Ali Events Micro Wedding cost?

The cost of each Ali Micro Wedding varies based on date and perks included. The range is between $5,000 – $7,000 per couple. Specific pricing can be found on each Ali Small Wedding event page.

Do we get married with other couples?

Nope! We have time slots to choose from, and we have the day planned out meticulously. Couples get married in front of their guests only. However, the reception will be a combined reception. Each couple and their guests sit at the same table.

Do kids count towards my guest count?

Children ages 3 and under do not count towards your guest count.

How long does the wedding last?

A typical Ali Events Micro Wedding ceremony lasts about 10 minutes, followed by pre-reception photo session with the photographer:

10-15 minute ceremony

20 minute couple’s shoot

120 minute reception

What times are available?

Each Ali Events Micro Wedding lists the available times, typically the first session time slot is around 11:00 am ending around 1:30 pm and the evening session begins around 5:30 pm ending around 8:00 pm. A 2 hour reception will immediately follow each session.

Where do we get our marriage license?

You can obtain a marriage license from any county in Georgia here is the information for Fulton County.

What is included in the price?

Everything you need to get your marriage off on the right foot! The venue, officiant, planning, design, flowers and decor, photography, cake, champagne, music, rentals, digital invitation, and a few surprises for up to 8 guests (plus the couple). Every Ali Small Wedding has the option of extras from bride and groom getting ready on site before the ceremony, additional photos (more detail shots), and Estate table w/up to 24 guests. Additional fees apply to all add-ons.

What will my Ali Micro Wedding look like?

Each Ali Micro Wedding is designed by us and is tailored to the season. We are known for our their innovative and stylish events. All Ali Small Weddings feature a statement ceremony backdrop and other interesting decor elements. Design inspiration for each event can be found on the event page and Pinterest Board.

Can I get ready at the venue?

You should arrive dressed and ready to go for your Ali Events Micro Wedding. Some dates allow for Early Access with the first time slot of the day meaning; you can arrive two hours prior to your Ali Events Micro Wedding and get ready onsite. Early Access is also great for couples wanting to do a First Look moment prior to the ceremony. Additional fees apply for Early Access.

How many weddings do you do in one day?

Usually eight to ten couples get married per session.

When are new Ali Events Micro Wedding dates released?

Ali Events Micro Wedding dates are released anywhere from four months to a year out. Check back for new dates!

What will we do while other couples are getting married?

Light refreshments will be available.


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