Everyone wants to feel special on their wedding day, and Ali Events at Lakewood stops at nothing to make sure each guest feels imperative. With our exquisite banquet hall and luxurious environment, your wedding will fall nothing short of perfection. A fully customizable event space, Ali Events at Lakewood is a superior choice in Metro Atlanta for your dream wedding.

With over 4,000 square feet in our luxurious grand ballroom, our guests are sure to feel like royalty from the moment they step through our doors. Traditional church weddings are no longer the only option today, and at Ali Events at Lakewood, we offer thousands of square feet to offer unique ceremonies and receptions for our bridal parties.

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Customize Your Wedding Venue

At Ali Events at Lakewood, we know how important the details are. We provide our guests the option of customizing our venue to make sure everything involved is what they’ve always imagined. From the flowers, to the food, to the linens and chairs, we believe that each bridal vision is unique, and we pride ourselves in making these dreams come true. Consider customizing the following elements for your dream wedding event:


Ali Events at Lakewood’s aestethics can be customized in numerous ways, including rearranging the layout, tables and chairs, linens, glassware and flatware, and more!


Because we know that food is essential in the success of an event, and everyone has different tastes and preferences, we allow you to bring in your own licensed caterer.


No rehearsal dinner or wedding reception is complete without great music and entertainment. Ali Events at Lakewood offers plenty of space and a variety of amenities for a number of entertainment options.

Let’s Plan Your Wedding Today

Planning an event, especially a wedding can be extremely stressful and time consuming. At Ali Events at Lakewood, we believe that assisting our guests in bringing their dream wedding to life is apart of the gig! We can help guide our bridal guests in the direction they want to be and help make decisions on the details for your big day!

At Ali Events at Lakewood, we want to make all of your wedding dreams come true! For more information about our Atlanta, GA venue, including availability please contact us today!

Social Events

Looking for an elegant and modern location to celebrate an anniversary, baby shower, graduation party or birthday? Look no farther than the Ali Events at Lakewood, where our luxurious and encompassing event space is perfect for any occasion. We offer a large space to bring people together to celebrate, laugh, and make memories that they can hold onto for many years to come.


Anniversaries are a beautiful and sacred celebration, a time to reflect on the many years of love and happiness that two people have shared not only with each other, but with all of their friends and family as well. Though weddings receive most of the glory, it is important to remember how truly important an anniversary is. Share the love and laughter with friends and family that you once shared on your wedding day.


Celebrating a milestone birthday or just an excuse to party with friends and family, Ali Events at Lakewood has what you need to make this day memorable. From simple to extravagant, our elegant and modern event space will be the perfect fit for your special day.

Baby and Bridal Showers

With our elegant and modern event space options, Ali Events at Lakewood is the perfect match for any bride or mother-to be. Play games, laugh and open presents with friends and family in our large banquet hall! Make this milestone memorable with the lovely ladies you share your life with.

Graduation Parties

Graduation is a significant milestone in life. It is one of the moments when you stop and realize you are going from one stage in life to the next. At Ali Events at Lakewood, we believe this deserves a celebration! Why not throw your party at our beautifully decorated event space, where you can show off your new grad and how proud you are of all of the hard work they’ve done.

Corporate Events

Host your next corporate event at Ali Events in historic Lakewood Heights. We will ensure that all of your presentations and conference needs run smoothly. Contact us today to partner with Ali Events at Lakewood.

Presentations and Conferences

Host your next corporate event at Ali Events at Lakewood. We have what it takes to make a strong and positive impact on your peers. Contact us today to partner with Ali Events at Lakewood.

With our elegant and modern décor Ali Events at Lakewood will not fall short of perfecting your corporate presentation or conference. We will perfect all of the details to ensure that your peers or supervisors are nothing short of impressed. Command the room with our encompassing event space and leave a lasting impression on your colleagues.

Award Banquets

Immerse your distinguished guests into our elegant and luxurious banquet hall for any award banquet. What better way to honor remarkable employees and colleagues than to make them feel like royalty. With our 3,600 square foot grand ballroom, each guest is bound to feel honored here.

Retirement Parties

Progressing from a long and successful career to a new chapter in your life should be celebrated in a classic yet extravagant manner. With an open-bar, full-service dining, dancing and lots of laughter is the way we recommend it at Ali Events. We have what it takes to make this celebration one for the books!

Fundraising Galas

Ali Events at Lakewood’s stunning atmosphere, will have your prestigious guests feeling luxurious and generous. With thousands of square feet in our grand ballroom to host silent auctions, mingle with guests and give informative presentations. Ali Events at Lakewood’s grand ballroom is the perfect place for guests to eat, drink, socialize, donate and learn more about your charity.

For more information on pricing and availability, give us a call today!


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